The Tale of Yul Yamkazi

(Started: June 19, 2009)

Season 1:

3 (As of 7/07/2009)

This document is subject to change during the typing of the episodes. Each series/seasons will contain 25/26 episodes and will be posted hear on this wiki and/or a download link.

Season 1: Betrayl Ark:

  1. Breching of the Dojo; Battle of the Dojo (Finished: June 21, 2009)
  2. The Return of the Grand Master: Oto vs. Hihaku part 1 (Finished: July 01, 2009)
  3. The Return of the Grand Master: Elements Collide part 2 (Finished: July 07, 2009)
  4. History of the Samastu Clan
  5. Joining Furui Kokuzuku
  6. Plan into Evil: Hihaku's Greatest Challenge
  7. Black Flame Eruption: Yul Go Insane
  8. Enter the Ice
  9. Fire vs Ice; Bad Juju
  10. Oto's Counterattack
  11. The New Ally; New Instructor
  12. Oto's Insanity Increases
  13. Fighting for Father
  14. Taka; a Clan Traitor
  15. Hihaku Fights with Hawks.
  16. Taka's Story
  17. Yul Have One Hell of a Fight!
  18. History of the Surikki Clan
  19. Oto's Father; the Truth!
  20. New Member: The Yamakazi Clan Traitor
  21. Electricity vs. Black Fire
  22. Time for Death
  23. Burning Passion!
  24. The Impossible Element: Black Electricity!
  25. Oto's Transformation part 1

Season 2: Hunt for Yuujimaru Ark

  1. Oto's Transformation part 2 (Episode 26)
  2. Second Stage Demon Form: Yul's Gone Berserk (Episode 27)
  3. Common Sense (Episode 28)
  4. The Beast Within... (Episode 29)
  5. Transformation vs. Transformation: The Ultimate Battle to the Death (Episode 30)
  6. Second Stage Rage! (Episode 31)
  7. Harm (Episode 32)
  8. The Hunt for Yuujimaru: Calming the Two Beasts part 1 (Episode 33)
  9. The Hunt for Yuujimaru: Race Against the Affilations part 2 (Episode 34)

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